This unique Rezage formulation utilizes skin care actives in slow release sub-micron capsules for the prolong release and most effective delivery in the skin.
Rezage creams protect skin from UV radiation and it’s bad effects.
Rezage creams reduce the signs of environmental stress and aging. Rezage creams effectively moisturizes by limiting water loss and improving water reserves in the skin.
Rezage creams smooth the skin texture, boost collagen production , improve cell function, increase skin thickness, bring back younger looking and healthier skin.

Skin firming, brightening, anti-wrinkle and nourishment for all types of skin.
This formulation utilizes an unique actives that assembled and encapsulated as sub-micron spheres in extra-mild base for most effective delivery and prolonged release in the skin.
Fast absorbing formula provides instant and long-lasting skin nourishment.
Firms your skin, combats ageing, wrinkles, dull skin and free radical-induced damage.
Rejuvenates your skin to its former brightness and suppleness.
Parabens Free
Apply liberally onto the skin before bedtime. Spread evenly. Rub-in gently.
Stop usage if irritation or rush develops. Keep out of reach of children.

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