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Micro-encapsulation is the process through which active ingredients are incorporated into very small capsules, microscopic sized, which disintegrate progressively once reaching inside the organism and release the active compounds in a controlled manner.

This technique is widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for enhancing the effects of creams, ointments and gels, as the micro-capsules in which active principles are included manage to penetrate skin layers easier due to their reduced dimensions. By working from the inside, they can exert their effects in a more effective way than topical creams and ointments that don’t use this advanced technology.

Benefits of micro-encapsulation

The first and most important benefit and reason to use this technique when producing skin-care products is the already mentioned one: traditionally made serums, creams and gels don’t have the same delivery rate of active ingredients as products obtained through the micro-encapsulation process have.

Creams that sit on top of the outer skin layer, called epidermis, are less effective than those who penetrate deeper, as the last ones are able to work directly on the cells responsible for skin’s regeneration. Skin cells found on top are most of the times dysfunctional, dead or damaged therefore they no longer have the capacity of improving skin’s aspect and restoring its youthful and fresh look.

Skin care products like anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams that don’t penetrate into the deeper layers of skin are ineffective as it’s in these layers where all the processes leading to wrinkles, spots and other skin issues manifest. When these products remain on the epidermis, they can mix with bacteria and debris, causing pores clogging, irritation and even dermatitis.

Another reason for using micro-encapsulation in skin-care products is the used “packages” are so small they’re harder to destroy by free radicals and other substances that usually damage larger molecules entering and traveling through the various skin layers. The micron-sized spheres are better protected against oxidation so they need less stabilizers and preservatives and have a longer shelf-life.

And last, micro-capsules are progressively destroyed inside the skin therefore the active ingredients are slowly released. This maintains the hydration and rejuvenation effect of the product for longer, which means that results will become visible faster.

How Rezage uses micro-encapsulation

Rezage uses this technology for incorporating highly active and powerful ingredients such as retinol into their skin-care products, from anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams to day or night lotions and eye creams. But unlike its competitors, Rezage has taken this technique to a whole new level!

Capsules included in these creams are much smaller and more effective than the ones used in other similar products, each sphere being sized less than 1 micron. This means Rezage actually uses sub-micron spheres for enhancing the effects of their creams and lotions and the results are a much deeper skin penetration and a more intense skin rejuvenating and revitalizing effect!

The very tiny capsules protect the active principles against pollution, free radicals, bacteria and heat, which means the active ingredients are very likely to reach the targeted cells and exert their effect deep within the skin. And this is exactly the reason these creams are so efficient and so popular all over the world!

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