Retinol in Creams

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Retinol or vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins for the human body, being involved in the healthy development and functioning of all cells. Without this compound, cells can’t reproduce normally therefore cellular differentiation is altered. Vitamin A deficiencies result in vision impairments, digestive problems, skin conditions and a weakened immune system.

From all its benefits, retinol is most appreciated for its ability of maintaining skin’s elasticity and smoothness and for the role it plays in building the body’s natural barer against pathogens that can enter the organism through skin.

Retinol effects on skin

This vitamin is widely used in anti-aging creams, in sun lotions, night creams, moisturizers and gels, in anti-wrinkle creams and products for wounds care. In order to be incorporated in these products, vitamin A is taken from two main sources: animal-based products and plant-based products, in this case the extracted substances being called carotenoids.

Beta-carotene found in carrots in only one example of carotenoid which is broken down to vitamin A once entering the organism. But vitamin A takes many forms and not all of them are created equal so their effects on skin are different. In order for this vitamin to exert its action and have significant effects on skin, it has to be turned into retinol and then into retinoic acid.

Retinoic acid, although the most effective form of this vitamin, can cause skin irritation and rash, so its use in quite limited when it comes to the production of topical creams and ointments. Fortunately, the body does have the needed enzymes to convert retinol to retinoic acid inside cells, so this is why skin care products contain retinol and not retinoic acid.

As for the effects of this compound on skin, it’s worth mentioning:
• Its ability of reducing acne symptoms and providing relief from psoriasis manifestations,
• Its efficiency in preventing premature aging and the formation of warts,
• Its ability of stimulating cell regeneration and growth.

How Rezage-by-Yelena uses retinol in creams

Rezage is among the renowned producers of anti-aging retinol creams incorporating retinol as their main active ingredient. But why do they use this particular compound and not other substances? Mainly because retinol is a very strong antioxidant, which means it neutralizes free radicals that are known to damage skin and accelerate aging.

This natural process is associated with a slowed down cell turnover, which means the organism finds it harder to eliminate dead, thick and sun damaged skin cells from the surface and to replace them with new, fully functional ones. The direct consequence is a dull looking skin, thicker than normally, with enlarged pores, age spots and blotchiness due to sun damage.

Retinol has the great advantage of having a small enough molecular structure for penetrating skin layers and improving the appearance of the lower ones, where cell turnover can be increased through exfoliation. Through its anti-oxidant properties, retinol rejuvenates the skin, restoring its healthy and radiant aspect.

Moreover, this substance improves collagen production in the deeper skin layers, improving cell structure and maintaining skin’s elasticity and firmness. But for all these beneficial effects to be exerted, retinol has to penetrate deep into the skin and this can’t be done unless the substance is mixed with other compounds that are able to transport it through the outer skin layers.

Retinol is fat-soluble, not water soluble, so it needs to be transported towards the layers of adipose tissue right underneath the skin in order to be effective. If it stays on top of skin, it loses properties therefore becomes ineffective in improving skin’s appearance. On the contrary, it’s broken down to those mentioned substances which can cause skin irritation and dermatitis.

So how can retinol be delivered into the skin without invasive treatments, you might ask? The answer and the right solution come from Rezage, which uses an innovative approach to this problem: it incorporates retinol molecules into very tiny spheres called microcapsules, through a process called microencapsulation.

The sub-micron spheres used in this technique are so small they can easily penetrate skin and reach into the deeper layers, where retinol is released progressively and exerts its magic effect from inside out. What’s the result? A firmer and softer skin, free of wrinkles and fine lines, visibly rejuvenated; an evenly pigmented skin that has no warts, age spots or acne signs!


by admin on October 24, 2012

Micro-encapsulation is the process through which active ingredients are incorporated into very small capsules, microscopic sized, which disintegrate progressively once reaching inside the organism and release the active compounds in a controlled manner.

This technique is widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for enhancing the effects of creams, ointments and gels, as the micro-capsules in which active principles are included manage to penetrate skin layers easier due to their reduced dimensions. By working from the inside, they can exert their effects in a more effective way than topical creams and ointments that don’t use this advanced technology.

Benefits of micro-encapsulation

The first and most important benefit and reason to use this technique when producing skin-care products is the already mentioned one: traditionally made serums, creams and gels don’t have the same delivery rate of active ingredients as products obtained through the micro-encapsulation process have.

Creams that sit on top of the outer skin layer, called epidermis, are less effective than those who penetrate deeper, as the last ones are able to work directly on the cells responsible for skin’s regeneration. Skin cells found on top are most of the times dysfunctional, dead or damaged therefore they no longer have the capacity of improving skin’s aspect and restoring its youthful and fresh look.

Skin care products like anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams that don’t penetrate into the deeper layers of skin are ineffective as it’s in these layers where all the processes leading to wrinkles, spots and other skin issues manifest. When these products remain on the epidermis, they can mix with bacteria and debris, causing pores clogging, irritation and even dermatitis.

Another reason for using micro-encapsulation in skin-care products is the used “packages” are so small they’re harder to destroy by free radicals and other substances that usually damage larger molecules entering and traveling through the various skin layers. The micron-sized spheres are better protected against oxidation so they need less stabilizers and preservatives and have a longer shelf-life.

And last, micro-capsules are progressively destroyed inside the skin therefore the active ingredients are slowly released. This maintains the hydration and rejuvenation effect of the product for longer, which means that results will become visible faster.

How Rezage uses micro-encapsulation

Rezage uses this technology for incorporating highly active and powerful ingredients such as retinol into their skin-care products, from anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams to day or night lotions and eye creams. But unlike its competitors, Rezage has taken this technique to a whole new level!

Capsules included in these creams are much smaller and more effective than the ones used in other similar products, each sphere being sized less than 1 micron. This means Rezage actually uses sub-micron spheres for enhancing the effects of their creams and lotions and the results are a much deeper skin penetration and a more intense skin rejuvenating and revitalizing effect!

The very tiny capsules protect the active principles against pollution, free radicals, bacteria and heat, which means the active ingredients are very likely to reach the targeted cells and exert their effect deep within the skin. And this is exactly the reason these creams are so efficient and so popular all over the world!

Diet tips for a healthy skin

by admin on September 19, 2012

Skin problems are often caused by an improper diet, consisting mostly in foods that increase insulin resistance and stimulate the secretion of sebum. All the embarrassment and emotional distress caused by an unhealthy appearance and skin issues can be avoided by applying some simple strategies that can improve your overall look.

Skin issues affect about 85% of Americans at some point in their lives, so there’s no wonder so many people out there are looking for solutions to help them overcome these unpleasant conditions while preventing their recurrence. Some of these people choose to invest in cleansers, moisturizers and abrasive lotions, anti-wrinkles creams and anti-aging creams such as those provided by Rezage, which are highly qualitative and can significantly improve skin’s aspect.

But the truth is these products are not the only solutions to a healthy and glowing skin. Nutrition impacts your appearance more than you might think but this is not something many skin experts and cosmetics producers want you to know. Sugars and products rich in simple carbohydrates, such as grains, pastries and even fruits can alter your skin’s health as they cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

The higher the blood sugar level is, the more blood’s composition is altered so your cells don’t receive the needed amounts of nutrients. As a result, their regeneration ability and their functioning are affected and these impairments become visible in your skin.

A healthy diet on the other hand can significantly help you enhance the aspect of your skin, so it’s up to you to decide how you want to take care of your appearance. Rezage creams work best when they go alone with healthy diet. Only by combining both you can achieve long-term results.

Here’s what you can do to restore your youthful aspect and get rid of skin problems once and for all.

10 tips for enhancing your skin’s health

1. Reduce the intake of carbohydrates coming from wheat-based products, such as bread, rice, pasta and cereals, from corn and potatoes. These substances are easily broken down and turned into sugar, therefore they create surges in blood sugar and consequently in insulin production. As already said, this is not beneficial for your skin so try to replace these foods with vegetables and fruits rich in complex carbs.

2. Minimize the intake of gluten, as this helps your body flush away toxins easier. Lots of persons suffer from gluten intolerance without even knowing it and their skin is affected by the presence of this substance inside their organism.

3. Reduce or avoid sugar intake by eliminating grains, refined sugars and sweets from your diet. A sugar-free diet is less likely to cause insulin spikes therefore it promotes a healthier skin.

4. Stay properly hydrated by drinking fresh water as often as your body needs it. Hydration prevents skin dryness, enhances skin tone, helps in the removal of dead cells, accelerates the elimination of toxins and wastes and contributes to cell regeneration and growth.

5. Reduce pasteurized milk and dairy products, as they are rich in iodine and your skin doesn’t really like high concentrations of iodine. Try to substitute regular milk with fermented milk drinks such as Kefir and Yogurts.

6. Eliminate energy drinks and sodas from your diet, as these products are very rich in sugars, corn syrup, artificial flavoring and sweeteners, dyes and calories. Instead, opt for fresh fruits, but eat them in moderation as some fruits contain high amounts of carbs and they can increase your blood sugar levels just like sodas.

7. Eat enough vitamin D, as this substance is crucial for restoring the immune function of your organism and promoting a healthy skin appearance.

8. Try to avoid stressful situations as high stress levels are associated with skin problems as well. Also, make sure to get enough rest and sleep, as skin – just like all your other organs – regenerates during nighttime.

9. Stay active and practice physical exercises daily. Whether you opt for cardio or fitness workouts, your skin’s appearance will improve as exercising enhances blood flow to skin, improves oxygenation and stimulates the elimination of toxins through sweat and urine.

10. Identify your nutritional type – protein, carbs or mixed – and adopt the right diet for it, as eating more carbs you’re your body needs leads to excessive amounts of sugar in your bloodstream and to spikes in insulin production.

Besides these simple to apply solutions, make sure to cleanse your skin with a gentle product each morning, to rinse it with warm water and dry it with a soft towel, to remove makeup and apply moisturizing anti-aging creams before going to sleep.

Followed daily, this skin care routine can significantly improve your skin’s appearance so it’s surely worth investing in some qualitative products, such as those included in the anti-aging creams line designed by Rezage.

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